Queen of Peace Healing Ministry
Buffalo, New York
Queen of Peace Healing Ministry
The Queen of Peace Healing Ministry is committed to praying with those in need of God's healing and peace. The ministry is based at St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church in Getzville, a suburb of Buffalo, New York.

The fruits of this ministry have been reflected in many reported spiritual, physical and emotional healings and the ever present gifts of the Holy Spirit, including His special gift of inner peace received by almost all. At all healing services a priest is available to hear confession before mass, and when possible, after mass. Each healing service is preceded by the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

Tony Cubello was the Founder of the Queen of Peace Healing Ministry established in 1991. After 22 years of service to Our Lord and Our Lady he passed away on January 31, 2013. He was the author of the book, His Healing Peace. Ministry has continued serving the Lord through the Healing Masses. Please see the schedule below of monthly times of prayer with the Queen of Peace Healing Ministry.

Schedule for Healing Masses, Praying the Stations of the Cross, and First Friday Adoration.

At this point Prayers for Peace are not included.

Prayer Services at St. Pius X with the Queen of Peace Healing Ministry are as follows:

Healing masses continue to be on the 4th Monday of every month with the exceptions to holiday months.

In addition to the Healing Masses, we will also have Third Friday Stations resume back to our regular schedule. Stations start at NOON.

First Friday Adoration has also resumed. It
will be in the Church from 12-3.
Rosary recited at 1:30pm
Divine Mercy Chaplet 2:30pm

We are thankful for these opportunities to draw closer to Our Lord. Please join us as we give Him Glory and Praise.

Please know we are keeping all in our daily prayers.



February, March, April
May, June

For all Masses listed below, except those with a special note,
Confessions are heard starting at 6:30 pm
Recitation of the Rosary at 7:00 pm
and Mass begins at 7:30 pm
Prayers for healing immediately after mass.

Monday, February 27, 2023
St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Road
Getzville, N.Y.
Celebrant: Rev. Robert Wozniak

The Church will continue to be closed as it is
being renovated and extra time is needed for
completion. PLease continue to come to services in the hall Monday - Friday only.

Monday, March 27, 2023
St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Road
Getzville, NY
Celebrant: Rev.Thomas Tokasz

St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Rd.
Getzville, NY
Celebrant: Rev. Robert Wozniak

Confessions-1:30pm Rosary-2:00pm Divine Mercy Chaplet - 2:45pm
Mass 3:00pm

Monday, April 24, 2023
St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Road
Getzville, NY
This mass is our regulary monthly mass.

Monday, May 22, 2023
St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Road
Getzville, NY
Celebrant: Rev.James O'Connor

Monday, June 26, 2023
St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Road
Getzville, NY

NOTE: We have resumed our regular schedule for
our Healing Masses.
Confessions- 6:30pm Rosary-7:00pm Mass-7:30pm
Anointing of Sick after the homily
Laying on of Hands for Healing
immediately after mass


Special Time of Prayer
7:15 PM at St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 N. French Road
Getzville, NY

To date prayer for World Peace has NOT been reinstated.

Recitation of the Holy Rosary, Chaplet of
Divine Mercy and the Litany for World Peace
will be prayed for World Peace and for the Persecution of Christians.

Please pray that we may reinstate this special
"Time of Prayer"


Stations of the Cross will be prayed at 12:00 PM on the following Fridays.

Stations begin at Noon
Lenten Stations


February 24
March 3, March 10, March 17
March 24, March 31

The Stations of the Cross on March 3 will be
held in the Hall at Noon not in the Church.
Adoration will follow immediately after Stations on Frist Friday in the Hall until 3pm.
Church will be closed until further notice.

April 7
Good Friday
Adhere to the Church Schedule

Our Regular Stations of the Cross have resumed
to the Third Friday of each month at Noon.
Apirl 21, May 19, June 16

Please join us at
St. Pius X R.C. Church
1700 North French Road
Getzville, NY


First Friday Adoration at St. Pius X
Noon to 3:00 PM


April 7 - is Good Friday.
Therefore our regular First Friday Adoration
from 12-3 will NOT take place. We will adhere
to the regular Church services on Good Friday.

We will resume regualr First Friday Adoration
in the church on May 5 and June 2.
Rosary will be recited at 1:30 PM
Chaplet of Divine Mercy recited at 2:30 PM
Benediction at 2:45 PM
All other time "Personal Prayer" time.


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