Healing Peace

Queen of Peace parishoner answers call to be instrument of healing
Source: The Western New York Catholic February 2004(Text Only)

By Patrick J. Buechi (Staff Reporter)

While attending a healing service in Medjugorje, Tony Cubello was told that some people in attendance would be called to lead healing ministries. Shortly after, Cubello was called.

He heard a voice from within his heart say he was being called to higher ministry. He had a sense this ministry was to be based on love and understanding.

Since that day 11 years ago, Cubello has followed Jesus’ desire and has led the Queen of Peace Healing Ministry. Messages from Jesus and Mary provided him with, what he calls, “direction and correction.”

“When I first began, I had my doubts,” Cubello said. “You don’t just take it for granted. I thought, ‘Why would God choose me?’ because I am an imperfect person. I always thought he would choose holy people. It doesn’t work that way.”

Cubello cites among others, Mary Magdalene and St. Paul as two people God has chosen. “They were sinners,” he said. Cubello became convinced of his calling after seeing changes come to the people for whom he prayed. “As I began praying over people, there were different manifestations, things happening,” he said. “They rested in the Spirit. They had various manifestations themselves and some people were being healed.”

The first laying on of hands Cubello led took place at St. George’s Church in Niagara Falls. He has since taken his ministry throughout the Diocese of Buffalo, as well as to Rochester and Ontario. Cubello leads regular healing Masses on the fourth Monday of every month at St. Pius X Church in Getzville.
He and his team, comprised of seven women from the suburbs of Buffalo, also travel wherever the ministry is invited to pray. The typical format involves confession before and sometimes after Mass, praying of the rosary and Mass followed by prayers for healing.

In his book, “His Healing Peace,” Cubello includes testimonies from those who have received healings. One such testimony come from Colleen Williams, a local singer who had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1996. On the advice of a friend, she attended a healing service at St. Pius X Church. Without asking about her ailment, Cubello put his hands around her throat, not on the shoulder or head as he did with the others.

“I instantly felt this rush of heat on my face. I saw a flash of light from right to left and suddenly I could feel myself falling,” Williams said in the book. A visit to an endocrinologist later showed she did not have cancer.

Other testimonies speak of being cured of ringing in the ears, bladder cancer, breast cancer and Tourette’s Syndrome. Cubello said that rarely is anyone cured instantly. He usually hears of healings when people come forward and give witness to their healing.

“I would say it’s a gift, but I don’t really use that term,” Cubello said. What I usually say is that God decided to use me as an instrument of his healing power. I have no power within myself; it is God’s power that comes through me. I couldn’t heal a headache for you with my own power.”

During the healing service, Cubello says he feels no surge of power nor does he experience any of the manifestations as those upon whom he lays hands.

“Why should I feel anything?” he said. “It’s not for me. The power goes through me for the people. They feel all those things they think I feel.” Cubello states that he is only an instrument who God uses.

“He uses us as instruments of healing because God is now a Spirit and he needs somebody’s voice to pray over them, somebody’s hands to lay on them, and He chooses certain people. Why He chose me, I don’t know. He’s been using people throughout history, all through history. Every decade he has used other people in minsitries. All the way from His apostles down to every generation, there have been instruments of healing, not healers. Jesus is the only healer.”
Cubello is a far cry from the evangelical healers of yore. He is mild mannered and could easily exist unnoticed in a crowd. His life, however, has seen its share of pain. Once at the end of his rope due to personal problems, Cubello now finds himself at peace with himself and the world around him.

“It’s changed our lives because we see how God works in our lives as well as in their lives with the healings,” Cubello said. “Mostly the peace; He leaves his peace with almost everyone over whom we pray.”

Mark Lettieri, paralyzed from the chest down in a 1996 auto accident, gave testimony on his experience at a healing Mass in 2000. “ I felt God’s presence once again,” he said. “These healing Masses have touched me and brought me into a much deeper prayer life. God has blessed me and others because of my prayers.”

“Even if he never walks again, it’s OK because he has God in his life,” Cubello said.

In his book, Cubello includes many of the messages he has received from Jesus and Mary. Some messages speak about very specific subjects. St. George’s Parish in Niagara Falls and Father Robert Rezac, Cubello’s friend, are mentioned by name. Other messages encourage fasting and prayer.

“His Healing Peace” by Tony Cubello (256 pages) is available from Beacon Christian Book Store, Niagara Falls; Life Resources, Amherst; and The Upper Room, East Aurora, for $14.95

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