Showing faith- Wheatfield man says he can heal people through touch

Source: The Niagara Gazette Sunday, April 11, 2004
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By Susan Mikula Campbell (Sunday Staff)

Tony Cubello is nobody important. He says so himself. A retired Realtor from Wheatfield, Cubello believes he was called by the carpenter Jesus and his mother, Mary 11 years ago to lay his hands on people and bring them peace and healing through the Holy Spirit.

Last Monday, Cubello, the leader of the Queen of Peace Healing Ministry, prayed with an estimated 500 people who came to the healing Mass at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Niagara Falls, the church where he was baptized many years ago.

The usual format of a healing Mass is first, confessing sins to a priest and seeking forgiveness; second, recitation of the rosary to ask Mary’s intercession with Jesus, then Mass followed by laying on of hands, in this case, by Cubello.

When Cubello touches people, there may be tears. Some fall backward to be gently laid on the floor by designated “catchers”. Some report seeing or hearing Jesus or Mary or having feelings of hot or cold. Others have told of the powerful smell of roses, believed to be a sign of the Virgin Mary.

Those manifestations are for others. “The power (of the Holy Spirit) goes through me to them. I feel nothing except love and compassion for the people I pray with,” Cubello said. “It’s given me great peace. I have peace within myself”

Monsignor Richard Amico, Pastor of St. Joseph’s, said when Cubello prayed over him, he experienced, what is called “resting in the Spirit”.
“You don’t fall, you’re so empowered with the Spirit that you find yourself resting on the floor for a period of time,” Amico said.

Louise Morreale, a parishoner and Eucharistic minister at St. Joseph’s also was there Monday, Morreale has been to healing Masses before. This was the second time she experienced the laying on of hands by Cubello. She was at a healing Mass he did March 1 at Niagara University.

In March, she prayed for a friend in Florida who had stage 3 lymphoma. That friend now is completely cured, she said. Other friends have also seen an improvement in health, she said.

A healing Mass is not just for people who are ill, she pointed out, but for those who have experienced any number of problems such as loss of a job, death of a loved one, divorce, family discord, or difficulties at work or school.

Morreale said it it wasn’t until her ninth healing Mass that she experienced resting in the Spirit, Monday, she also had a vision. “I saw our Lord Jesus all robed in white with a crown of thorns on his head. … He was reaching out his hand and touching the hand of our Blessed Mother. …It was very, very vivid and like it was in slow motion,” she remembered. “He rose up in the air and there was brilliant light all around him.”

Peace is the gift most people receive at a healing Mass, said Charlene Mcgraw of Amherst, one of seven women from the Diocese of Buffalo who are part of the Queen of Peace Healing Minstry with Cubello. “Every single person is in some way affected,” she said. “they may still have to go through whatever they have to go through , but they will have the peace to be able to do that.”

Cubello laughs when asked if some people think he’s just whacky.

Mostly people see the peace within him and the reaction is “whatever he’s got, I want some of it.”

Cubello has written a book describing his experiences and the start of his ministry , called “His Healing Peace.”

It all started started in July, 1991 when he was praying at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston. “Our Lord and Our Lady began speaking to me then,” he said explaining that the messages came by interior locution- “It’s an inner voice speaking to you. It’s not audible. It’s in your heart, reflecting a thought to your mind.”

In Spetember 1991, he went on his fourth pilgimage to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, a site where the Virgin Mary reportedly first began appearing to six children in 1981.

He attended a healing Mass there and later attended a healing Mass held by the same priest in Canada. The next day Cubello received a call from that priest, who told him he, too, would soon be praying over people.

Mcgraw, a member of St. Pius X Church in Getzville, joined Cubello’s ministry and they approached Monsignor George Yiengst, pastor, about having a healing Mass. Their mission has been based there ever since and regular healing Masses are held there the fourth Monday of the month.

“It’s a marvelous ministry,” Yiengst said. It has helped a lot of people, and not just in physical healings or miracles, he said. “It’s the spiritual healing,” Yiengst said. “People come out of here with a peaceful heart. It’s just wonderful.”

Cubello first laid hands on people for healing at a Niagara Falls Church, St. George Roman Catholic Church. This is also where he says he received the message that he should write a book about his messages and experiences.

The book, which also includes testimonials of people who believe they have been helped by Cubello’s ministry, is available at the Beacon book store at 1818 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls. Owner Frank Bongiovanni said a book signing is scheduled for 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday.

Cubello insists he is nobody special, just an instrument used by the Holy Spirit. “There are no limitations to what our great God can do,” Cubello writes in his book. “There is but one healer and He is the one who died on the cross for us.”

Queen of Peace Healing Ministry 2004